Pragmatic. That’s how I describe my work.

The majority of my professional career has been dedicated to crafting beautiful purposeful code and building solutions to practical needs (inside and outside the organization).

I use PHP exclusively for application development. I’m a big fan of developing for the web. Anytime I can design a beautiful API and send out delightful bits of JSON to the world, I’m happier.

It’s easy to be questioned on choosing to continue with PHP when other more “pretty” interpreted languages exist like Ruby and Python. The reality matches my pragmatic thought process. There is no business need for me at this point to switch languages. PHP serves my needs by being readily accessible and easy to learn. Easy to support. Easy to teach.
More importantly the birth of a new era of PHP as a beautiful and well written language thanks to versions 5.4+, the PHP-FIG and the PSR standards, and modern frameworks like Laravel has made coding for this language just as valuable as building web apps in Ruby, in my opinion.

I’m proud of the advancements in my own coding practice and while my path forward isn’t laced with coding heads down, I want to continue honing my coding skills somehow while improving my front facing skills.

Please note that due to the client property nature of the applications I build, code samples are only available upon request.